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10524004_319249104910470_7725428645727050973_nAs u enter an age where everyone is in a hurry and there is no time left to look after oneself. This has lead to an increase in all diseases and oral diseases are also not left out.

Oral Health is a very important component of general health. Almost every one of us has experienced tooth ache or mouth ulcers or even both sometime in our lives. These problems can limit our dietary and nutrient intake and sometimes may affect our day to day activities. Apart from this Oral appearance affects our self esteem, our willingness to interact with others and influences the judgments people make about us. Good dental appearance is also considered a pre-requisite for some prestigious occupations.

What is a healthy oral condition?

In a healthy person the teeth are usually white in colour as beautiful as ivory without any dark stains of decay. Teeth of upper jaw are placed slightly outside to those of lower jaw when we clench our teeth. The upper and lower teeth are placed in form of u and the teeth are surrounded by pink coloured gums

It is important for us to understand why teeth are important to us just like any other body part

The most important use of teeth is mastication that is to help in process of biting and cutting of food in smaller pieces so as to help in digestion. They also play a major role in phonetics/speech. Certain syllables like th dh and nn are pronounced only due to presence of teeth. Otherwise when u speak such words there will come only one voice fusssssss .what about.Looks and smile/ esthetics: .imagine your favourite actor or actress without teeth and you will get the answer.mouth is the mirror of your body. In which teeth play a major role. They add personality and beauty to ones face. Proper teeth help to keep your muscle tone intact and prevent an aged appearance. An enchanting smile is not only indicative of physical and emotional well being of a person but also enlivens ones surroundings and makes for a cheerful disposition.

In most of the developing countries oral health is neglected either we don’t understand the importance of teeth. People generally don’t go to a dentist until they experience pain. There is a fear from dental procedures or myth that all dental procedures are very painful Of course the money factor plays a major role. Dental procedures are no doubtly a little costlier.

It is important to understand that the process of nutrition of our body starts from your oral cavity. Whatever u eat is first crushed in the mouth, small bolus are formed and then later on the stomach intestine perform their function. So the good health of the teeth is prime requisite for overall health. Also With invention of new techniques Dental procedures have become painless or rather I should say pain free so there is actually nothing to be worried of. ..Lastly these days dental procedures are also becoming cheaper also as the basic education and living standard of people is increasing.

God has given us two sets of teeth

Primary teeth. Milk teeth/ deciduous teeth….. They are 20 in no. And starts erupting at 6 months of age –till 30 months of age. These are temporary teeth that fall till age of 12 years +- 1 year

Second permanent teeth. These are 32 in no. And first permanent tooth erupts at age 6 years. Others continue to erupt till 13 years of age except the third molar that erupts after the age of 17 years Both the sets of teeth are equally prone to all dental diseases.

A tooth consists of an outer covering known as enamel. Incidentally that is the hardest part of the human body. An inner shell of dentin. That is Slight yellow in colour and third part known as the pulp. That is the heart of the tooth containing blood vessels and nerve bundles

The supporting structure are the periodontal ligament and cementum and bone that hold the tooth in oral cavity.

The major diseases that mostly effect oral cavity include

Dental caries/ decay

Bleeding gums /gum disease

Halitosis. /bad breadth

Broken tooth. /teeth

Missing teeth

Malaligned teeth

Your own natural teeth are the best so protection and looking after them is your responsibility

Brush twice a day and change your brush every two to three months. You may also have to look if the bristles of your brush start looking as if they are squashed or have fallen apart. Change your brush after having certain illnesses like a bout of cold or flu.

Children under six years may take up any fluoridated toothpaste with half a pea size twice daily. Any one above 6 years is supposed to take pea sized toothpaste. Flossing and mouthwash may be used the time of brushing may be for two min in morning and same in night. Applying two much pressure or using a brush that has worn out or even brushing for a long time may lead to abrasions and further sensitivity.

Bad breath also known as halitosis or bleeding gums indicate that dental cleaning is required. It’s a painless and simple treatment which should be done every year. It is a known fact that bad gums can lead to heart problems.

Any other diseases like root canal treatments extractions and deep fillings sound scary but with new anaesthetic techniques, introduction of lasers air abrasions .most procedures have become painless.

Missing teeth should be replaced within two months after extraction so as to prevent bone loss and .implants, dentures crowns and bridges are few ways to replace missing teeth. Crooked teeth should be treated by braces treatment to give a sense of confidence to the person and avoiding subsequent oral diseases

Another good idea to impart good dental education to let our children see what is being done for you so they are not scared when their turn comes

Few Dietary modifications also help in preventing oral diseases Regular intakes of calcium, vitamin a b c d is essential for gums and teeth. Milk eggs fruits, raw salads citrus fruits green leafy vegetables and lady finger are some of those foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin.

Cariogenic foods like chocolates sugars sweets deserts chips crackers and all junk food may be avoided.

And the last important thing. A stitch in time saves nine… please get a periodic check up done by your dentist. These regular checkups done help in early detection and diagnosis of dental problems. This saves time and money as well. Remember one more thing that many systemic disease like blood cancer leukaemia. Diabetes and many other show their first symptoms in mouth. Early diagnosis prevents their spread.have a happy and healthy smile


Dr. Gaurav Saxena



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