CERN LHC – The Machine to Prove the Origin of Humanity

CERN LHC, Machine
Fish view of the cross section of LHC

We live our lives entrapped in personal relations, personal problems, and thinking & planning about reaching the zenith of our careers, But very less of us are who think even bigger and profound than all this that CERN LHC is trying to achieve

  • How humanity and life form started on the earth?
  • We know the universe is big, but how big?
  • Can we travel back or further in time breaking the rules of physics and limits that universe has imposed on us?
  • Are aliens a reality or mere a hoax?
  • Black holes are an autonomous phenomenon, can we control them? How do they behave?
CERN LHC, Large Hadron Collider
An Engineer working on LHC

In the search for the answers to all these questions, our scientists designed and developed a massive machine, the circular particle accelerator; LHC (Large Hadron Collider), which is set up in an area of 27 kilometers, about 300 ft. deep underground. Made by European Organization for Nuclear Research, also known as CERN.

Theoretically, it was to accelerate subatomic particles, i.e. the protons at the speed of light, i.e., about 3×108 or 299 792 458 m/s. And then collide them to simulate the conditions formed at the time of big bang (Big bang that is believed to be the happening that led to the formation of the universe, the earth and consequently the life form on earth). And to study the Anti-matter behavior and properties that appeared for a short time after Big Bang.

Big bang timeline
The Big Bang Timeline | Click to Enlarge

FYI, as we know matter is something that has mass and occupies space which includes particles likes atoms, in contrast to matter, anti-matter is something whose antiparticles have the same mass as that of particles of matter but opposite charges.

Scientific world believes, life on earth originated due to a Big Bang while the religious notions are comparatively contradictive that states-

  • In Christianity: Hebrews 11:3, all things, not merely human beings, were made by God-
  • In Hinduism: Lord Brahma created the life on earth, Lord Vishnu sustains the creation and Lord Shiva destroys the evil,
  • And similarly state the other religions.

Unfortunately, we are bound by the universe laws which seems to state that nothing in the universe can travel faster than the speed of light or the Cosmic Limit. This is because, as the particle is given the energy to move faster, the heavier it gets because the energy starts converting into mass. And at the speed of light, it will have an infinite mass, and then you would have to invest impossibly a hell lot of energy.

When the particle travels at such a cosmic speed, the time for that particle gets infinitely dilated i.e. time passes by infinitely slow, and space shrinks endlessly. That’s the state when the particle can move into the fourth dimension, the Time. It can then travel in time and can either go in future or past; it can instantly reach at any point in the universe because then there remains no distance to cover (due to space shrinkage). Brain twisting isn’t it!!

We humans are trying to reveal those secrets of the universe which are meant to be hidden until we haven’t evolved sufficiently to understand and digest them. Uncovering them before can lead to the catastrophe. However, the universe won’t let us uncover them anytime before we are capable.

Scientists at CERN LHC are now putting in more and more energy every year into the machine in hope for a miracle like a Wormhole to happen (A wormhole is simply a passage into the space-time dimension).

This is like if put your hand into a wormhole it would appear on the other end of the wormhole that could be anywhere in the universe. Interesting isn’t it?

The protons collide at four locations in the CERN LHC ring that are detected by the four detectors placed in those places. ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb.

Interesting Fact: You might have heard the rumors of the earth and humanity going to end, somewhere around eight years ago right?

Well, The reality is that on 19 September 2008, while initial testing, the superconducting magnets (magnet made from superconducting wires that could conduct currents without any loss of energy and requires to be maintained at -271 degrees, cooler than the outer space) failed due to faulty connections and 6 tonnes of super cooled liquid helium leaked out of the system.

The panicking was due to the probable resulting product of CERN LHC, the wormhole, that could go uncontrolled due to faulty connections and would absorb the surroundings eventually The Earth.

Well, nothing so terrible has happened as of now and can only hope the same for the future.

Have a Good Day!!

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