How to Create a Story for My Business

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Going back to the ancient times, people used storytelling as a tool  to learn, interact, share and get connected with each other. Basically, stories allow people to learn about the truth, fact, their contribution in community life, understand the real world. In developing year, the storytelling helps the customers to value and make decisions.

For example: If a person wants to buy a smartphone, he/she looks out for reviews and what are the pros, cons.The experience customers share about the product helps the user to justify the product

The Storytelling in business is mostly considered as a common buzzword phrase. Every Business entrepreneur understand that the storytelling has become an integral part of their business in the current marketing world. The Storytelling in business is very similar to the storytelling in movies, arts, communication. Every start-up and emerging business have a background story to share with the budding customers which will help to connect.

 The Stories help to get connected with consumers, business, brand, products and social media platforms. Without building a connection, the business cannot see its success.

The storytelling plays everywhere from pitching sales to product promotion, development to marketing to advertisement and social media culture. To promote an idea, you need to frame a story of the challenges you are facing and how did you solve the challenge.

To advertise and develop a product you need to tell the history and create a story from where the product emerged. The storytelling creates major impact in creating connection among the consumers, business and other target audience.

The most important fact is to build a strong market campaign and brand recognition need an independent story. Very few convert the story into figures and drawings.  The independent story with a strong vision, objective helps you to retain best talents and bring success factor in employees’ career, create a work culture to motivate and ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

As a business entrepreneur or developer, you will have to develop your brand or product or services in the social media platforms.

Storytelling is the dominant and strongest business tool and a skill that every business should master and empower. Since we are human we are not new to storytelling and we know the strong impact of storytelling in our everyday routine and how it reaches our brain through creativity.

The storytelling should not involve the boastful talk but rather stay polite, humble and ensure to get connected with the consumers. Flicker the emotional side of your consumer. Finally, render the audience what matters a lot in your business.

When the storytelling turns out to be well, the storytelling can do miracles in your business: such as turning your business to next level legacy, create a durable marketing strategy, increase traffic, population and gain the attention of consumers.

Every story is in high need of the 5 C’s

  • Circumstance
  • Curiosity
  • Characters
  • Conversations
  • Conflict

Why is storytelling leaves the readers so fascinating?  Because the business storywriters have always involved these amazing 5 C’s to populate the traffic.

When beginning to draft the story bring out the circumstance or the occurrence. Fit the occurrence scene and provide the vital information which provides surrounding factors for the reader. Put into the story some curiosity to leave the reader anxious in wanting more about the story.

If you feel, there is nothing curious but the content is plain and still the reader or the consumers won’t become anxious and will not build connection with the story. The Characters and conversations are involved here and there. And of-course the last but not the least element conflict which is quite common among business stakeholders and consumers. It would be better if there is no conflict and the story go buzz-off and boring.

Here are the four reasons why start-up businesses look out for an emerging growth need to develop an essential storytelling method:

  • A clearly explained story is the foundation for online marketing strategy

Foundation of story, storytelling

While every start-up, emerging and established businesses have a story to brief out, the story has to be clearly communicated. The Business entrepreneurs fail to do the marketing communication that is clear, understandable, crisp, understandable and productive.

Mostly, clients have magnificent, impressive ideas, concepts, goals, and visions about their branding advertisement and their establishment. But when it comes to convey their thought in terms of marketing communication through storytelling concept via social media platforms, website, the content is unclear, without exact meaning, indistinct, and unsteady.

Businesses need to focus in developing a valid and reliable content to advertise their company brand. It is recommended for businesses to invest in developing a simple, clear-cut story for two major reasons:

First reason is to create a clear draft to sort out and put the content in order so that the content would not become unambiguous and make the readers feel distracted. When a product or brand or service marketing is formed under a story, every section of content framed should suitably have a perfect objective, desirable profit and gains importance that enriches and supports the business overall visionary and goals.

Secondly, a product or brand or service story is useful to simplify and make plainer and the difficulties of a vision and imparts the business goal, purpose to the world.The John kotter, professor of leadership have provided instances in Corporate culture and performance, proving that the companies which takes effort in conveying their ultimate purpose and usefulness can perform well in the markets and can see their growth in the share market by a factor of 12.

In effect, the purpose and values need to be conveyed and shared in the storytelling to gain people and consumers attention.

  • Deep-felt storytelling is both business productive and human

Deep - felt story, emotional story

The most flourishing and developing companies around the globe are making intense, deep-rooted stories behind them. The stories are over-whelming and has intense link with the founders that introduces an impact of higher purpose and intensiveness of what they do.

For Instance, Microsoft, Apple, Google are so much than brand or companies – they are top notch brands created by gifted, far-sighted and innovative people who had a vision to change the world.

However, all start-up businesses cannot become an Apple or Google. But it is worth to ask: Should the business just meet the purpose or be a service provider or a greater goal that the consumer believes and wants to follow for subscription?

There is no doubt that the above said brands exist among the Top 10 sensible companies in the worldwide Empathy Index, and are among the most worthful and rapid growing in the world. In addition, the top 10 companies in the index make 50 percent more profit income and the value are doubled up when compared to other companies, highlighting that there is a strong connectivity between empathy and market growth.

Business people would rather invest in human talents than trying to expand a company, and mostly, some of the most dominant and financially established companies give importance in rendering finance returns and building strong community with talented people and business entrepreneur society. This will be an ethical and marketing strategy milestone for business to excel themselves in building human welfare through communication.

  • Storytelling increases population

increasing population by storytelling

Digital marketing has spread in online forums and nowadays there are lots of people who get started up with the different range of companies. Every online marketer promotes their products and optimize the content to increase the web traffic. The consumers are over-populated with online marketing advertisements and information.

Every business certainly thinks that they have a better product or service than their competitors. However, the verdict is judgmental and un-predictable because the decision-making is totally in the hands of consumers. Decision-making is mostly emotional than being logical. The storytelling ability is most essential and need to master the skill, storytelling can flourish or tumble how business differs and takes its stand in the market and how does it make money.

Based on the incident happened few years ago, researcher Rob and Joshua exhibited the worth of storytelling by posting insubstantial objects for sale on E-bay with clearly written, deep-felt, and meaningful crisp origin story in the product description section.

The items, which were bought originally from a garage for less than 1.50 dollar a piece, was resold for nearly 8,000 dollar- emphasizing how the storytelling market strategy contributed in raising price and gave huge returns on investment.

  • Storytelling emote connect people and create brand support

Storytelling, brand connect

Storytelling connects the readers, help us to understand the reality around the globe, and interact our usefulness and opinions. A typical story makes the readers to direct the readers mind towards the written topic and make them feel and conveys to the readers better than stat charts, flowchart, data, presentation slide.

The deep-felt stories go through the reader’s mind, gradually get connected with them, and help them in believing the business strategies and what is their ultimate purpose. Business entrepreneurs should be frank and open-minded to share their entire journey – the challenges, rivals, success, downfalls, emotional setbacks, decision-making etc…to make the readers or consumers understand the effort, hardship to create and establish the business.

Life-time brand support or loyalty is formed by businesses that keeps in mind this intrinsic human thirst for connection, can enfold their foresight and innovation into an alluring, impressive and inspiring story, thereby clearly share this captivating story to the target audience using deep-felt marketing approach.

Hope the above said information helped you to gain understanding and knowledge in Storytelling marketing plan.