How to Start a Career in IT

IT Career, Information technology

If you want to be greatly potential and earn a good income, you got to be “techy set go”.

Information technology commonly known as IT, is a blooming field and spread across various stream of industries such as technology, medicine, multimedia, finance, banking, education, networking, communication etc. The IT sector plays a vital role in the industrial growth by offering jobs for almost 6 million eligible candidates. The focus of Information technology field is to expand the occupational horizons almost in every stream. Since technology plays a predominant role in our routine life jobs related to technology is also a major contribution to the society.

Like every other field, technology field also follows a set of protocol and footsteps to secure a job with high income. If you hold a bachelor’s degree in technology or you can be a person who is looking for a switch over from different field, the job hunt is competitive and crucial if you are not aware about the career direction and how to start.

Based on some research, we have picked up few options to initiate a career in technology field:

1. Learn the Industry

Learn technology, Learn and explore

The technology industry is a large scale business involving cloud computing, digital business, mobile communication, IT security, business analytics, media and telecommunication with a wide range of users around the world.

The research in the internet which is full of resources and information, you will get a clear understanding about the industry and will help to have focus on the particular stream and fix the job line. Analyze the technical skills required for the job. Basically, there are so many options available such as programmer, a systems analyst, graphic designer etc. Each job requires different study materials, skill set and competencies.

Review the liking and disliking about the job profile from employees perspective and whether you can meet all the challenges in strict deadlines.

2. Become a graduate in technology

Become a technology graduate

If you can spare the time and spend money to pursue a bachelor’s degree in technology, then that’s going to be a great start to launch yourself in an IT job. Certainly, there are wide range of courses offered around the globe to equip your knowledge and skill based on the course chosen.

The  person holding a graduation in technology is in a great hunt and studying technology as a a part of your studies is definitely an added value.

Be aware about obsolescence because whatever you learnt in college will be partly or completely outdated by the time you complete your graduation and enter into industry. The technology grows up rapidly and same things never exist. The older technology is replaced with updated versions which are encouraged by the consumers. Yes of course, there are few exceptions where certain technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cyber security etc, has a lifetime creditability.

3. Train with the related technologies

Expert in technology, expertise

To get expertise in a particular field you need to learn the necessary concept required for the industry. You need to learn new concepts every single day to upgrade your knowledge.

Approach and consult a niche to know more about the technological courses and evaluate your knowledge in the particular course. Knowledge sharing widens your skill set and work for yourself to cope up with the tech industry.

Most importantly, training yourself with the mandate and related technologies is a must to secure your career.

4. Become an Intern

Intern, Tech intern

Learning is an integral part of Information Technology field likewise, training is also mandatory for an IT employee. If you are lacking confidence in learning, you need to have a hands-on experience which will boost up your professional growth. Do not regret for putting so many hours and working under high pressure and strict deadline to equip yourself in such training levels. Being an intern in start-up companies, you can improve your skill set, communication, coding skill and build your network.

When you are an intern, you will realize that the technology is not open for everyone. Just because the careers in this field are fast-moving and continuously progressive all the time, you need to adapt and accept the changes if you are aspiring for a long term job in IT field.

5. Think out of the Box

Think out of the box. out of box thinking

Learn new things everyday but make sure you are really creative and progressive than others in your work-space. Tech industries values your graduation degree as one of the mandate documents but there are also job applicants without a four year degree but loaded with programs and other required skills.

Work on the problem solving skills because tech companies are hunting for people who is capable to complete the task and solve the problems efficiently.

6. Nurture yourself

Nurture yourself, grow yourself, self learning

As discussed earlier, learning is a vital part in IT career and similarly, teaching yourself is equally important for a professional growth. You need to involve yourself in small assignments and solve the problems efficiently.

You should be able to educate by learning through video tutorials, Google search, CBT nuggets, learning app without a tutors help which is actually a mostly welcome in industries. Internet is full of learning resources to equip your skill set.

When you feel you are ready, apply for entry-level or beginner jobs in mid-level or start up  to assess your skill set and improve your knowledge.

7. Post job application to an IT firm

Job posting in IT firms, Job hunting, job searching

If you feel you have gained enough knowledge prepare a unique resume detailing your educational qualification, certifications, job description and post in the job seeker websites. You need to be keen while adding keywords in job portal websites such as Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, Naukri, Glass door, Dice etc. and mobile applications.

Keywords are small phrases or words that connect to a specific requirement of the job. They are the work skill, competencies, capabilities, suitability that a hiring manager finds out in a job seeker. Your former job designation or roles are most important keywords which highlights your work experience and depth.

Basically any job portal software looks for keywords within your posted resume and application and filters the job applicants. When a hiring manager glances through a bunch of resumes, he or she examines the job seekers resume only with the help of keywords.

Make sure your profile is complete and have a regular follow-up with the recruiters or hiring managers.

8. Fight the Challenges

Challenge yourself

Technology field is advanced and likewise the mentality of people too. It can be very frustrating at times to fit in and be a part of the work culture. As soon as you are on board, it takes some time to build rapport with your co-employees and collaborate your ideas.

You need to counter negativity and take up positivity. Be creative and smart in completing your task. Share new ideas and concepts for the welfare and growth of the organization. Do not feel down, even the team does not recognize and rate your idea.

Be courteous and follow the ethics when interacting with company clients. Do not be a silent spectator in your work place, always be a participant and a positive team player.

9. Stay Up to date

stay up to date, update yourself, watch news, tech new

To stay updated with the technology, find short term courses with or without certification which will enhance your career growth. Short term courses will help you score the interview and increase your performance scale.

There are some exceptional courses which will offer you highly paid jobs with no hassle. Take up certification such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Microsoft, CISCO etc. these course are collaborated with top notch companies and their certification will boost up your career.

Learn a particular coding language to improvise your skills. There are so many books with assignments, YouTube tutorials, internet materials to self-equip yourself with a coding language. Design a website page or blog  for yourself and deliver your skill set . Be open for trial and error option because “keep on trying” is a must in the IT field.

IT field requires a professional who is versatile and an efficient team player likewise you need to equip your skill set. Make sure you do not switch over your job very frequently because in general IT companies does not recruit such employees for a permanent or an on-role position.

Stay firm in a particular company, say for example 4 years or 5 years and establish yourself to learn the company  ethics, work culture and skill improvement, tool knowledge. Stay up to date with the trending and upcoming software tools . Read tech articles to highlight your communication.

So, Now are you ready to kick start your career in Technology?

Kick starting your career in tech path is definitely a biggest achievement and similarly like other careers it does have many stepping stones.Teach, motivate and nurture yourself in various ways such as internet, social media, tutorials, assignments.

You are the best teacher to educate yourself and assess your skill set whenever needed. Stay connected with techie friends, groups  to keep yourself updated. Communicate in social media groups to get more information and job recruitment.

Stay up to date and keen in improving your knowledge to land up in your favorite career.