Sprint Reports in Jira

There are several different sprint reports available in Jira, each offering unique insights into your team’s performance and progress.

Jira Sprint Reports

Some of the common ones are the following:

1. Burnup Chart

  • This chart tracks the total amount of work remaining in the sprint (represented by the red line) against the ideal amount of work that should be completed by each day (represented by the green line).

  • It helps you visualize whether the team is on track to complete the sprint goals and identify any potential roadblocks early on.

2. Burndown Chart

  • Similar to the burnup chart, the burndown chart tracks the remaining work in the sprint, but it plots it against the number of remaining days in the sprint.

  • This makes it easier to see if the team is burning down work at a consistent pace and meeting their sprint commitments.

3. Control Chart

  • This chart shows the average time it takes to complete issues in the sprint, along with upper and lower control limits.

  • It helps you identify any significant changes in cycle time, which could indicate process inefficiencies or other problems.

4. Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD)

  • This chart shows the number of issues in each stage of your workflow (e.g., To Do, In Progress, Done) over the course of the sprint.

  • It helps you identify bottlenecks in your workflow and areas where work is getting stuck.

5. Epic Burndown

  • This chart tracks the progress of a specific epic (a large user story) over the course of the sprint.

  • It helps you visualize how much work remains on the epic and whether it is likely to be completed by the end of the sprint.

6. Release Burndown

  • This chart tracks the progress of a specific release over the course of multiple sprints.

  • It helps you identify any potential delays in the release schedule and make adjustments as needed.

7. Sprint Report

  • This report provides a comprehensive overview of the sprint, including completed work, incomplete work, burnup/burndown charts, and other relevant metrics.

  • It is a great resource for retrospectives and other sprint planning activities.

In addition to these standard reports, you can also create custom reports using Jira’s built-in reporting tools or third-party add-ons. This allows you to tailor the reports to your specific needs and get the most out of your Jira data.