Top Best Career Options for Women

In today’s era, every woman in our society deserves to be financially independent, fore-stalling needy situations and being a role-model to their children balancing home & work in right mix. Women are imparting their talent, skills and upgrading their own lives for a better world. With higher cost of living and meeting the needs of the family on a daily basis, women also need financial support to run their home machines, as such a rewarding career is something every woman cherishes to have.

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Given below are the best career options for a woman based on individual’s interest:

1. Market Research Analyst

Market research

The Market research analyst evaluates consumer choice, liking to assist companies how to merchandise, publicize, and launch a product for profit basis. They are mostly hired on contract employment.

2. Epidemiologist


Epidemiologists are the health care professionals able to investigate, diagnose and check the persistent diseases and its effect on human body.

3. Software Developer

Software developer, software development

The software developer also known as programmer is responsible to design, develop, test and release computer software for major business around the world.

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4. Interpreters and Translators

Interpreters and Translators

The major role of translators and interpreters involves conversion of abstract information from one language to different language. Interpreters work in sign language mode and translators work mode is written language.

5. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Computer and Information Systems Manager
Business Woman Holding a Tablet Computer.

The Computer and Information Systems manager job roles is to completely  manage the software technologies which involves system, network, software functionality, employees fulfillment by transferring their expectations and appraisals, designing a protocol to the higher officials.

7. Lawyer

Lawyer, Lady, women

The Lawyers assist every individual, company firms, government on legal affairs and judicial proceedings. Every individual can seek justice by hiring a lawyer for their personal disputes and solve their case in the lawsuit. Nowadays IT firms also seek help from legal people.

8. Nurse


Nursing jobs require nurses to take care of the sick patients who are getting admitted in  hospital sectors. They also assist the doctors for treating the patients in hospital. Nurses are responsible for paper work which involves discharge summary, baby birth report, attend intensive coaching for further improvement.

8. Pharmacist


The Pharmacists are responsible to prepare health care medicine by communicating with physician rendering beneficial medicine for better health of consumers. The Pharmacists also distribute after combining, packing, naming and labeling   the medicine. They can also detect the drug content and test it with the health care testing labs.

9. Teacher / Professor

Woman teacher, tutor

The Teacher prepares notes of lesson and make sure to inculcate the whole class with the prepared lesson plan. The teacher imparts the lesson plan individually or in small groups to assess each student progress and growth.

Teachers also prepare question papers, change classroom rules along with school management and communicate the same with parents. Teachers are also responsible to monitor each and every student behavioral changes, extra – curricular activities for their best outcome.



The physicians and surgeons are responsible to treat the sick patients with chronic and non-chronic diseases.  The Physician study patient’s health, review past medical tests, recommend fresh medicines and advice for a follow up.The Physician can also suggest healthy diet for the patients, provide counseling building better rapport with the patient.

11. Instructional Designer

Instructional Designer

The Instructional designer can create story boards and animation content to render the raw content in a creative aspect. The Instructional designer interacts with subject matter expert to identify the needs of the end user and create an animated content. They communicate by furnishing fun activities and exercises to improvise the learning system. These modern ways are used in IT firms to keep the employees gain short term certification in a fun way.

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