Uplatz in 2018!

Congratulations to Team Uplatz for putting up a great show this year!
We are ending this year on a super high note, and I’m so happy about it.

Key highlights of 2018 –

1) Uplatz ventured into Consulting business with our new arm – Uplatz Consulting. Our focus here is mainly on providing world-class IT Advisory and SAP Project Implementation with potential expansion into Management Consulting and Market Research.
2) We got some new long-term deals done with large corporates for their IT & SAP resourcing needs. We also established a dedicated division to focus on this area – Uplatz Resourcing.
3) Strengthened our IT Training business with 1k new students enrolled across 53 geographies, added 234 new courses catering to 56 new technologies primarily Salesforce/AWS/Azure, added 23 new SAP modules (totaling 42 now), and all this with ever growing panel of highly-skilled tutors and consultants. Besides this, we introduced video-based courses for hot in-demand SAP modules. We also slashed our course prices significantly as part of our social obligation to serve this society better.
4) It is a matter of great pride for us to say that 92% of our students successfully cleared SAP certification exams and 85% of our students got new high-paying jobs within 6 months.

We are super excited about our plans for 2019 primarily focused towards growing our existing services as well as creating some new exciting offerings & products for this ever-demanding world.
Some of the exciting new stuff worth watching for in the next few days are Uplatz Cloud (comprehensive data & analytics solution for small businesses) and a new B2C surprise offering in healthcare.

Thanking all our employees, clients, students, well-wishers, family & friends for the whole-hearted support provided to us all throughout the year.
Wish you a great and flourishing new year 2019!

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