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Uplatz Training - Start your IT career
Become SAP/Oracle consultant

Just enrol in our 1:1 online instructor-led course if you have no prior background in IT or buy our self-paced training video courses on cutting-edge technologies and skills if you want to learn at your own pace. Starting a rewarding career in ERP, SAP, Cloud, or any top career option in the tech world was never so easy but with Uplatz at your side you can conquer the world in no time!

Our easy-to-use training portal can help you choose the best course. Uplatz currently offers online training on leading technologies & software systems/applications created by SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Workday, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Adobe, and so on. You can alternatively choose a prolific career in Digital Marketing, DevOps, Agile and Project Management by getting trained with Uplatz.

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Uplatz Cloud - Manage your business data over cloud
Cutting-edge analytics

Now manage your business data over the cloud for free - sales, transactions, customers, suppliers, employees, inventory, warehouse, literally anything and everything. View daily, weekly and monthly sales reports on your mobile. Anytime, anywhere. Uplatz Cloud Platform offers an innovative solution for small and medium businesses to effectively store, update, customize, and retrieve their data securely.

You can then build reports and dashboards over top of your business data to drive useful insights for efficient decision-making and to drive business development. Not only this, Uplatz Cloud can also be used as mini-CRM as well as a robust ERP package for your business needs. What more, Uplatz Cloud is available free of cost to all our existing customers!

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Uplatz Resourcing - Hire the best individuals
Get your business done remotely

With the fast changing world and ever-growing business demands it is not possible to hire the best-in-class employees at every location. Also, for small and medium businesses it is becoming extremely difficult to afford the high cost of skilled resources working onsite. And this is exactly where Uplatz Resourcing is there to help!

Now get the best software engineers, digital marketers, web developers, admins, project managers, customer service professionals, salespersons, online chat executives, database administrators, designers, etc. for managing day-to-day tasks of your business and for business develpment. Uplatz Resourcing finds the best people for you costing you so less because they work from offshore or near-shore locations. What more, we own the whole process and we take care of the attrition at no additional cost to your business.

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