10 Hottest Industries for Startups in 2020

Start -up business

Are you eager to begin a low-cost start-up business but don’t know how and where to start? Then you have landed in a correct place. The start-up company or firms are mostly formed by single owners or entrepreneurs to create an identity for themselves and earn a reputation in the market.

There are start-up business which have been begun with very low-cost capital or from zero income. Setting up own your own business helps to work in your own and flexible hours. You can define your own set of rules and choose your area of interest to widen your skills.

Most of us get bored in being a full-time employee and manage pressurized boss with strict deadlines and unable to take up negative challenges in the job. Then, these are solid reasons to involve your skills in your own business.

Every established business had a drive and passion towards their dream. Even notable tycoons like Bill gates, Carlos Slim Helu, Warren Buffett, Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, Azim Hashim Premji started their business from scratch with no profit. But today they are the people who people aspire to become like.

There are also inspiring entrepreneurs who have restarted their career despite their failures in life. Most entrepreneurs have mixture of emotions such as great beginning, emotional setbacks, share profit down, challenges, competitor critics, and much more.

The start-up business owners need to define the reason for running the business. They need to have a focus for a long-term business and set their goals accordingly.

There are three main strong objectives to operate a business:

  • Make money.
  • Gain satisfaction.
  • Provide opportunity for others.

The business entrepreneurs need to identify where their passion and skills get intersect. The emerging business tycoons should be able to understand the strength and weakness of market and consumer choice to establish them in the market.

Once you have set your focus on what you need to do, here are the checklist points to have in mind when starting your business from scratch or low-cost capital.

  1. Research the market
  2. Form a business plan and target timeline
  3. Get finances in order
  4. Choose business structure
  5. Register business name (and/or web domain name
  6. Open separate bank account & payment processing
  7. Authenticated Licenses, permits insurance
  8. Choose Location / store front
  9. Staff Hiring
  10. Online Digital or offline Promotion / Marketing strategy

Here are the lists of the trending small business ideas for 2019, chosen from various streams of industries. The businesses have the essential key points:

  1. Possess the ability to be productive and stay trending in the market research.
  2. Be able to perform well even in uneven situations.
  3. Does not require a management degree or trading experience but require hard-work along with strong marketing strategy.
  4. It does not matter with the capital amount invested is either small or large but the desire should be high.
  5. Seek the influential people advice.

Most of these businesses can be operated from your home and in a remote location.

If your aim in life is to become very rich and wealthy you cannot become a small business owner. Out of the small business, you can earn a steady income, become your own boss and set own rules and regulations and make precise decision without others influence. Most importantly, you can work in your own flexible hours and help others.

Here are the top 10 industries for start-ups in 2019:

1. Amazon Fulfillment Sellers


Online marketing is the most common and trending business around the globe. The online portals such as Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Buy, Etsy and other portals.

The online portals allow the sellers of products to merchandise through Amazon and other online selling portals. While sellers have products and online portal have gained recognition, it is an easy mode for sellers to attract the customers worldwide.

The most important thing is that each and every section published is going to be optimised. Amazon is the most prominent and reachable online retail website and platform, recognized by consumers around the globe.

Amazon takes up the role of the middle person in the B2C communication and help you gain brand loyalty from the customers.The sellers need to add top ranked keywords in the title, description, features, keyword and other relevant section.The Keywords should be relevant to the product so that the product takes top search out of all the competitors.

Amazon will take charge from the seller for fulfillment and monthly storage. The Seller feels relieved because the amazon will be accountable for storage, package, shipping process, return and refund process, warehouse location and customer queries.

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) sellers project products in the Amazon stores through various ways such as: From Wholesale dealers. From international bulk concession suppliers such as Alibaba, India mart and much more.

2. Software Engineering

Software engineer

Web developers and engineers form a large group in the society. The Software engineers create a major start up community.They typically follow the software development life cycle to create, design, test and implement a software on varied platforms, from cloud computing, mainframe to android, IOS mobile applications.

According to the evaluation, the demand for engineers increases each year, creating wide job opportunities across the globe. There is a tremendous growth in this industry because of the consumers who use technology in their everyday routine.

There are many roles involved in this sector:

  • Analysts
  • Tester
  • Network engineers
  • Code Developer

3. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the usage of computing technology to create animated environment. The virtual reality is taking a great leap forward involving the user in an imaginative experience. The hardware and software marketers launch new VR products in the marketplace and the industry is having a U-shaped growth rate and will be seen in excess rate across the globe.

The major use of virtual reality for business or entertainment grows viral. 3D movies – watching an animated movie in 360 degree view angle.

Real estate marketing – Customers who would like to purchase a new house can be able to see an online VR imaginary walkthrough of the construction. The client can view the abstract view of the house in an easy mode.

Gaming Zone – Virtua reality involves the use to get immersed in an animated environment. Mostly Kids and adults enjoy this space in shopping malls, kids zone and other entertainment mode.

Team Building or making – Companies make usage of this virtual reality to interact  with their team.Training software- Virtual reality is involved in the formation of skilled courses offered in the company and equip the employees.

4. Web Development

Web developer

Web hosting companies play vital role in the technology industry. The web development companies used to promote their service or products through web service.The web developers are responsible in creating, forming and developing a website in clients perspective.

The Clients does not have time to develop the website and optimise it. Hence the web developers are responsible in creating a website catering the clients needs.

5. Online Tutor

Online Tutor

The Online education forum is becoming popular and wide as there are many people who are pursuing short term crash courses and full-time courses through online. When student community is getting wider, the need of tutor is also in equal ratio. The demand of tutors who teach through online is growing.

There are even professionals who want to upgrade their skill using the short term courses based on their competencies and skill set.

6. Urban Transportation

Urban transportation mode is most popular and used by most of the people who commute everyday to office, college and other places.There are many urban transportation modes and there are developers who are creating applications like OLA, Uber cabs, local commuting modes for easy transportation without any hassle.

People at times prefer to have private transportation when compared to own vehicle and transportation.

7. E-commerce


E-commerce is the online retail shopping. In recent times, people use modern technologies to browse and buy things via shopping applications.There are many online shopping portals such as Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Buy, Etsy and many more websites and applications for simplifying life.

8. Photography


Everyone wants to treasure memories and hires people who captures them in studio or outdoor space.The photographers make a decent income by promoting their work, portfolio through social forums and websites.

The photographer work for full time or either as a freelancer to build their hobby and transform into their career.

10. Digital Therapeutics

Digital therapeutics comes under the health sector and provide medical treatment, consultation through digital mode. The Digital therapeutics offer easy way for the patients and doctors to have a clear interaction.

The Digital therapeutics help the doctors to have thorough understanding towards the patient health and take entire care of them. The regular follow up is also easy for both patient and doctor. The patient also has deep insight and clear vision about their health.

10. Video and web blogger

The bloggers play a versatile role in the internet world. The bloggers are responsible in posting about their lifestyle, health tips, career opportunities, job roles, politics and much more trending topics happening around them.

The Bloggers can promote their thoughts, ideas through their own blog and you tube videos. People post articles in deep heart and touch the readers mind through their words.

People seek suggestions and advices through the posted content. There are famous bloggers and coachers who collaborate story-telling method to promote the business .

Hope this article helps. Kick start your career with the top 10 hottest industries.

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