The Future of Voice Search

The Future of Voice Search

If you are a digital market professional or in a content marketing field, you should be surprised to know that the voice search is taking a huge leap among the consumers and online marketing.The Voice search is getting popular because of the users or consumers who are using smart mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets.

Have a look at how voice search is creating a major impact and the competition among the digital business marketers to keep their position on top.

What is Voice Search

What is voice search

The Voice search technology is on a great rise and expected to grow more. The Voice search is a function available on most of the smart devices and gadgets.The user need to say their search query verbally through the smartphone, tablet, computer laptop and other smart devices, which then utilities voice recognition software and converts the voice into text and search it through internet. The search engine or the virtual assistant is responsible to answer the query.

Growth Stats of Voice Search

voice search growth

The target audience who utilize the voice search technology comes between the age 25 to 44. These users are mostly innovative in technology, and frequently use voice search instead of choosing typing mode.  The research says that the voice researchers can earn annual income upto 50,000 dollars.

The Voice Search Contribution is commendable and makes our life easy.The voice search has become an integral part in our everyday routine, so this technology’s reach out does not wait for future.

The voice search is related to regular tasks such as queries and solution, route navigation, play music or place a call. The work-related tasks include email management, calendar management, folder management and much more tasks and simplifies life.

The Growth of the voice search has risen up because of the smart phone and gadget users who explore the technology and applications. The predominant group of people go for the voice search through online which is more convenient and easier than typing the search option. The voice search has increased the digital platforms. People who live in fast and rapid life never spend much time to type rather they give a voice command to retrieve from online.

How Voice Search Devices has Evolved

The Artificial Intelligence growth has launched the voice search devices such as Amazon, Alexa and much more. The voice search devices have seen a major impact and growth among the consumers.

The Voice search devices help the consumers to do the voice search efficiently. Let us know how the voice search devices work, the vocal command is the only mode of communication to the voice search devices. The voice search device analyses the keyword and brings out the relevant search through simple answers in voice format.

There are many target audiences who are looking only for answers and in that way voice search devices do the justice.

To make your search easy, have a look at the top voice search devices available in the market.

  • Google Home
  • Amazon Echo / Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Siri
  • Android smart phones and other gadgets
  • Microsoft Cortana

The voice search device is the smart member and does the task on behalf of the user. The smart member acts as a virtual assistant in your daily routine such as placing calls to a particular person, play music videos, access internet, manage email and sort folders and much more tasks.

The voice search device simplifies your life. The Voice search device is portable, sleek and taken wherever you travel. Attimes, the voice search devices become your travel assistant.

The Voice search device can access your mobile application with your permission. You just need to give a voice command to book a cab through OLA, Uber, order food in your favourite restaurants through Swiggy, book an appointment through Practo application. The above given are all instances, in reality you can expect more performance from the voice search devices.

In the futuristic view, the voice search devices upgrade is expected to have the machine learning of artificial intelligence recognise the academic level, preference and their response based on which the results will be generated in a hierarchy.

Keyword Focus

Keyword focus

Google search engine is the worlds best search engine and you need to know how the search engine derives your search. The search engine is optimised and derives web results based on the keyword entered in the search tab.

It is wise to choose the SEO related and ranked keywords to get quick results. The colloquial long phrase sentences does not help for a better search anymore. The Keywords play a vital role in the voice search. The voice search queries come mostly with the coalition of 25 words.

The short words which trigger the search are How, what, best, top, define, types and much more. The Google algorithm allows the global users to ask queries but that does not work as suitable keywords. For Instance, someone ask Google, “What will be tomorrow weather?” the long phrase query could not land up in exact search. However, Google assumes that the keyword used here is weather and generates a weather report.

However, there are users who give  precise and short keywords for better search results. For Instance, “Weather climate in Poland” will arrive quicker and faster results.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization

The voice search optimization is said to increase the traffic and the voice search has spread across various mode and streams.

How do I Optimize in Google through Voice Search?

Many of the people in the SEO field, wants to stay updated and find out how Google search engine optimises through voice search and increases traffic.

You need to have knowledge and implement the same kind of voice search optimization in digital marketing and SEO field.

Entity is often referred to a bunch of people forming a group. Google search engine also works very similar to an entity.  The Entities in Google analyse different group and the varied search results are delivered.

For Instance, If the Google has to answer the question, “Who is Nick,” Google needs to find the database of various entities for the search term Nick and determine the content such as Nickelodeon shows assuming the search has matched the searchers intent.

Whereas if the search term is Nick Jonas, you will get exact details about Nick Jonas. To explain further about the search results, the Google search engine looks for more prominence, popularity and ranking for the search term entered. Google determines a search based on the prominence, rank and weightage.

Google search engine uses three metric requirements to determine strongest entity:

Connectedness: The Google views the keyword and refers with entities for closer connect on the web .

Popularity:  Google looks out for notability and recognition for the search query in the web based on different aspects.

Contribution: Google adds more weight to an entity based on consumer reviews, fame recognitions, awards and search traffic.

The Impact of Voice Search in Digital marketing

Impact of Voice Search in Digital marketing

With a commendable increase in the usage of technology, the market research analysts assume  that  voice search will have a huge impact in digital marketing field. Most of the voice search rely on the features search and snippets. The Digital marketer optimises the search topics to make it popular among the global audience.

Following with the featured search, the digital marketer need to occupy the position zero in search page results. The Digital marketing strategy is to occupy the position zero for increasing the online visibility.

The voice search will broaden and increase the Artificial Intelligence technology and populate the response among the consumers.

The Voice search expands the digital media marketing through the mobile-friendly basis.

Mostly, 50 percent of web traffic comes from the smart phone devices because of which digital marketing agencies and Google search engine have emphasized the significance of adapting mobile based approach to online marketing.

Most importantly, voice search occur on voice search devices , voice searches happen in smart phones and other devices. So, Digital marketers are responsible in creating a phone-friendly based website and web page for consumers who use voice search.

Without mobile based web design, the online marketing companies face a bad effect and outcome from the consumer end. The voice search rises the importance  and promotions of the local search engine optimizations, which not only improves the pedestrian traffic but also sees a big heap in sales.

More than 55 percent of target audience use voice search to find local business available near your locality. In addition, more than 80 percent of consumers  opt for voice search on weekly basis, to find a new dining restaurant, choose favorite movie, browse for books, novels and other service providers.

The voice search emphasizes micro-moments as their prime factor. The micro moments refers to examples when a consumer wants to be aware about something, own something and much more. With a rapid increase usage of voice search, online marketers need to be aware about the micro-moments conversations such as “I-want-to-buy-a laptop”.

The micro moments is useful to build up their marketing strategies.With more than 1 million voice searches happening in the internet, the online marketers and agencies are unable to track the overall voice search and find newly launched products and services available in the market.

If online marketers ignore the voice search results, then they will lose the revenue.


If a website wants to rank in voice search, follow the below given key metrics:

  • Powerful and secure Domain
  • Well-built optimized content
  • Divide the content into logic and intended sections

Most importantly, the enriched content and popularity means a lot.