Top 10 Work from Home Careers

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Are you looking out for opportunity to work from home without bringing a hassle in your current atmosphere?

Work from home means allowing the person to work from the remote location i.e wherever you stay without disturbing your personal atmosphere. You can put in your flexible hours to complete your assigned work. Companies refer such employees as freelancers.

Freelance work has seen an emerging evolution in recent years. The root cause for this sudden explosion is because of the skill shortages in many companies and an increase in gig economy.

Freelancer is a person who is self-employed without any intermediate company and is not engaged with a company or an employer for a longer term. Freelance workers are sometimes hired by marketing agencies or any start-up companies for many job roles.

Being a freelancer with any employer or industry brings out a freedom upon you and you learn to manage your daily routine in an effective way. You can manage work and personal tasks in manageable schedule.

Build up a clear and strong job profile and be keen to be responsive and show your willingness to adapt different learning methods and work culture. If you are person with less or no experience in this field, don’t feel low just showcase your profile with knowledge depth so that the employers will be eager to hire you.

Make sure to apply freelancing job on company basis based on your education background such as IT, Accounts, Computer, Teaching and much more. You need to specify how many hours you can spend totally to complete the given task.

The top 10 freelancing website offering below mentioned remote or work from home job profile are: Fiverr, Indeed, Upwork, Cloud Peeps, Guru, Service scape, o Desk, 99 Designs, Flexjobs, Solidgigs.

If you are hired as a freelancer, you need to interact with different set of people via online. They may be your clients, team mates, customers. Make sure your communication and interpersonal skill makes you stand unique.

Good computer knowledge is a must. You will have to handle MS-office, Skype video calls and other applications in the computer or laptop.

You need to be fond of internet and research required information. The tech and internet savvy would be the right term.

You should be keen in improvising and maintain your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

Etiquette is the commonly used term in work space. Freelance should follow etiquette in their communication through telephone, email communication, and other mode.

Have a look at the top fields where freelancing opportunities are growing popular and viral:

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant holds job profile with multi-tasking potential because the job profile covers many skills.

The virtual assistants are responsible to provide administrative, technical, customer care for law, finance, start-up business among other employers.

You can set-up a virtual assistant business or online job opportunity from clients across the globe.

You need to upgrade yourself according to the job profile.

Since the virtual assistants are involved in different field, their income differs widely ranging from 25,000 to 70,000 dollar in an annual basis.

The highest salary drawing virtual assistant need to work for full-time and provide executive level support to clients and provide services such as web-designing, developer.

2. Web Developer

Web developer, front-end web developers, Back-end-developers, developers job, coding, java scripting, css, html

The web developers are responsible for the website outlook keeping in mind the clients requirements. They create a website layout and include graphics, video, applications and other content to build the website.

The web developer need to understand the mark up or coding language such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT. The web developer job role is to write mark – up language coding for web design.

The front-end web developers work along with back-end web developers who are responsible for server-side and integration task.

Majority people working as a freelance or work at home web developer can earn 71,342 dollar per year on an average.

3. Internet Security Specialist

Internet Security Specialist

The Internet security specialist also known as security analysts make sure the company’s information is safe and secure from the hackers. They monitor the company’s computer and network systems safeguarding the organization from cyber-attack.

They are the people who can provide or restrict access to the concerned people in the organization. IT security analysts follow the information security programs.

To obtain a high cadre job in this field pursue a certification course related to cyber security.

Most of the IT analysts earn annual salary of 111,039 dollar per year.

4. SEO Specialist


E-commerce companies or SEO , Digital agencies are looking out for SEO professional who can optimize and increase the website traffic.

Search engine optimizer specialist is responsible to evaluate, review, and apply changes for search engine optimization.

Optimization means increasing the traffic of the website by improvising the page rank as well.

Keywords play a vital role in optimization, search engine evaluates a website based on the keyword usage.

Basic graduate degree is required to get into the SEO field.

The hourly rate for a SEO is 100 to 150 dollar per hour.

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5. Copywriters

Copy writer

A copywriter is a person who authors creative content for commercial websites.

Advertising agencies are hunting for creative copywriters who can advertise their content and increase popularity.

It is important that copy writers should be creative to a great extent and have major interest in arts, culture, current trends, consumer choice, competitor and their campaigns in digital market.

The copywriter should understand market trend and write accordingly. The writing should be clear, concise and reach the end users.

Many copywriters charge for hourly basis but mostly copywriters charge on project basis.

Junior copywriters charge between 80 and 120 dollar per hour and senior level writers charge between 120 to 1200 dollar per hour.

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6. Marketing Consultant

Marketing consultants, marketing consultant jobs, online jobs, digital marketing consultant

Advertising agencies require marketing consultant to boost up their capabilities and pitch in their sales in the market.

Marketing consultant coordinate with valuable clients through email support for the growth of a company.

The industry is open for freelancing and the pay scale varies depending on agencies. Be ready to bid your pay scale and charge as per your working hours.

However, Digital marketing consultant annual salary is 83,681 dollar per year.

7. IT Consultant

IT Consultant

The start-up IT firms looking for IT consultant who can view the complex level data and evaluate, analyses and rectify the security threats.

IT consultant, also called as Technology consultants are hired on contract basis. They mostly work with tech industry and commercial clients who look for guidance and seek advice on their business growth and problem management.

Information technology consultants join hands with clients to merge the IT systems into their business. IT consultants role is similar to a connecting bridge between the core technical team and the employees who utilize the technology.

If anyone pursuing a degree in information technology can take up this job. Certification is not mandatory as the employee can gain hands on experience.

The IT consultant can earn between 60,000 to 90,000 dollar per annually.

8. Online Teacher

Online teacher

The Online tutor jobs is becoming popular as many people are keen on learning new skill, languages, academics.

A person with strong teaching background in academics and technical background can pursue this job.

The online educator teaches the allotted subject through video tutorials. There are wide number of courses available in online mode. People inculcate themselves in art, craft, education, technology courses through different application and websites.

The online tutor can earn upto 39,279 dollar per year.



The most popular foreign languages which requires translation are French, German, Portugese, Russian and Spanish.

The Translator role is to convert text from one language to another language for MNC organizations, translation agencies.

The Translator is also supposed to translate and write an article or writing from scratch without altering the originality.

You need to hold a degree along with a foreign language certification.

An Interpreter or translator can earn on an average of 59,850 dollar per year.

10. Social Media Coordinator

Social media coordinator

The Digital marketing agencies look out for social media coordinator for the business promotions

The Social media coordinators analyse, administer and maintain the online promotion strategies through social media. The social media coordinator is also responsible for taking care of the social media accounts

Social media involves Blogging, Facebook, twitter, Instagram sites, chat rooms, RSS feeds and much more platforms to advertise the company through online portal.

The Social marketing strategy focus is to create brand awareness, pitching sales, and creating major impact in the market.

These coordinators reach out the consumers through online promotions and build a buzz about the product.

A person who loves to research the internet and explore social media in terms of marketing then this job perfectly fits in.

The social media coordinator can earn an average of 39,152 dollar per year.

11. Article and Blog Writing

Article and blog writing

A writer who is passionate in writing and grow their skills can pursue this job.

There is a major difference between article and blog writing.

The Blog writing can typically range from 300 to 1000 words whereas article writing are mostly lengthier where the range can vary between 1500 to 5000 words.

The most important thing is the written content should be without plagiarism i.e  copying content from other blogs or websites. The content has to be unique.

Make sure the phrases are readable and can reach the end-users.

The content or Blog writer pay scale is not permanent and is paid according to the word count.

End Summary

Being a freelancer or working from remote location enables you to expand your skill set. It is more of multi-tasking.

Join the freelancing community and virtual assistant groups to get to know about more job offers.

Ensure your skill set matches the job profile you are choosing and make yourself fit into the job.

It is never too late to kick start your career as a freelancer with the available options.