21st Century Learning

21 st century learningLearning in 21st century

‘Learning’ is that distinctive trait that humans are gifted with by the nature which has enabled us to outrun other species in the evolutionary race and be the developed ones. With the advent of 21st century, there is no ‘one size fits all’ kind of teaching, rather it is more specific and personalized to the learner.

This transforming teaching and learning could effectively be understood through a detailed comparative analysis with the learning in the 20th century.

  • Recall those days when we would do anything to reach the school to attend the first class fearing that the inability doing so would end us up in missing lectures.
  • In a class of 40-45 students, it used to be a standard teaching. Low-pace learners had no other source of learning except joining over-crowded tuitions/coaching with not much effective outcomes (at least for me).
  • Learning was confined within four walls for a mere 45 minutes/subject in 24 hours of the day.
  • The only access to learning support used to be at the schools. So you were left by yourself or by your parents when doing homework or holiday assignments.
  • The whole learning ecosystem back then was comprised of pens, pencils, textbooks, notebooks, teachers, tuitions and elder brothers/sisters(if you had any).

Now, what says the analysis of the 21st-century learning?

Well, well, well, I should say nothing here. Get to one of the kids in your locality and ask him about the functioning of smartphones and laptops, he will explain it better than you and I and that too with a live demo. Isn’t it?

  • The 21st century has shortened the distances, so you can do much more in the same 24 hours of the day as you get more time to invest and has given enhanced access to millions of learning sites and sources over the internet.
  • It is the right time to say that “Quality is worshiped over quantity”. If you happen to have a teacher who is not so articulate and effective with his teaching, you have the alternative to learning online to get your facts straight. It is as simple as that.
  • Back-benchers now are no more the laggers, but more of the self-pace learners as they have many more sources to learn from if the learning in the classroom doesn’t work out as expected or if they can’t keep pace with the teacher.
  • The ‘world’ now denotes to an interactive place to learn unlike the ‘world’ before which used to be just a globe in the library.
  • 21st-century learning stresses more on self-directed learning and less on authoritative one because as the learners get acquainted with the world around them, an inherent trait of responsibility gets its cue and activates.
  • Learning in this era invokes creativity, curiosity and critical thinking to such an extent that primary students now don’t even believe the statement ‘The sun rises in the east’ as they have already spun the Google Earth hundreds of time and they know the fact that it is the earth that rotates while the sun is stationary.

Learning is quite flexible now with anywhere, anytime access to learning and support guaranteeing high student engagement with the tutorial, videos, webinars, and an option to select from numerous teachers and tutors globally directing to personalized learning paths.

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